Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Story Exchange?

    The Story Exchange is a place for travellers to share their Newfoundland and Labrador stories. Use our book builder to tell your tale, add some photos, and then share your new story with friends and family.

  • How do I add photos? How many photos can I add?

    Add photos to your book by dragging them directly into the photo section or by clicking on the photo area to select from your files. You can include up to 6 images per page, and the file size for each photo cannot exceed 10 MB. Want to add more photos to your digital book? Select ‘Add pages’ to continue.

  • Why did I get a message about my photo being too large?

    The maximum file size you can upload is 10 MB.

  • Can I rearrange or crop my photos?

    The photos you upload to a single page will automatically arrange themselves. You can swap the images you’ve uploaded (desktop only), by dragging and dropping, or you can add or remove images to change the layout. The images are automatically sized and cropped, and can’t be moved within the boxes, so you may find that some images look better in one place versus another. If you've only added one image, you can choose to make it cover the entire page by clicking the arrows in the upper left of the photo.

  • Can I edit my digital book once I’m finished?

    You can review and make edits to your digital book as you are creating it by using the left and right arrows to flip through the pages. You can edit the cover and title by clicking the link under the title in the editor. Once you’ve selected 'I’m finished my book', you can no longer make any changes.

  • Can I print my digital book?

    The book you’ve created is a digital book. You can view it and share it electronically via Facebook, Twitter, or email, but you cannot download or print your digital book.

  • Can I add videos to my digital book?

    At this time, you can only add photos to your digital book.

  • Why do I need to login to create my digital book?

    By logging in to your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, your digital book will be populated with your name and profile picture. We do not use any other information or ask for posting permission. Requiring one of these accounts allows us to reduce spam and inappropriate content.

  • What if I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account? Can I still create a digital book?

    Unfortunately you will need one of these accounts to use the story builder.

  • Will my story be posted to my social media account automatically?

    No. Nothing will be posted or shared on your social media account by the Story Exchange when you create a digital book. Once you’ve finished your story, you’ll get a chance to share the digital book on social media or with a link.

  • How do I share my digital book?

    Once you’ve completed your digital book you will see the sharing options. You can share your digital book by posting to Facebook and Twitter, or by emailing a link. You can also copy and paste the link to share as you’d like.

  • Why am I seeing a 'Browser Not Supported' message?

    The digital book builder requires a recent version of your web browser, and unfortunately not all browsers will work. On desktop, you can download the latest version of your browser by visiting, and on mobile you can check your device for updates.

  • Why am I seeing a 'This content is not available' message?

    It looks like there might be a technical issue or inappropriate content.

  • What are the terms and conditions for creating a digital book?

    The Story Exchange terms and conditions can be viewed here.